Can I convert assembly or upload it on my Arduino?

I am brand new to the arduino I have just finished up with PICAXE finding it a little frustrating that I had nearly no help (well unless i asked) I found arduino is bigger better and I can always rely on others to give an example code.

I am reading Simon Monk's book '30 arduino projects for the evil genius' great book by the way. I have kind of side tracked and created a working LED cube following a tutorial from instructables. It is only a small one and is 3x3 but I had a piece of code which I thought stuff could be added to make it better and create my new patterns.

i found this awesome app found on this page that created the code for you. It was annoying to find out that the software is for an assembly language type of PIC. is there any way in converting the output asm file to ino or is there a library that supports programming in this? Thank you all for your replies and hopefully there is an answer.

P.S If you would like me to be more concise with my query don't hesitate to ask as I am new to this forum and I am not sure what to expect :slight_smile:

Thank you all
Trevor Boultwood (16)

Here is the link to the software.

It's highly unlikely. The PIC assembly language is not compatible with the Atmega's, and the hardware architecture is different too. That said, if someone was sufficiently knowledgeable in both architectures, it would be possible to port from one to the other, but whether it would be worth it is another matter.

Thank you for the very fast comment, I didn't think it was possible in such an easy manor any way :confused: Well I guess now all I can ask for is there an app that does this for the ardunio? Where I can easy create my own pattern easily? Thank you very much

Trevor B