Can I create a local board on this forum?

I'm trying to start a local/state arduino group among a few professors and their students. Is there a way to get it set up here as a board? Thanks.

Is there a way to get it set up here as a board?

Not unless you become a forum administrator. There are only a few of them, and applications are routed to /dev/NULL, apparently.

Is there a way to have the admins set up a local board for us then? I've seen this on many forums, where you just go to USA and under that your state to find the local people that share your interest.

Is there a way to have the admins set up a local board for us then?

No. Everyone would want one then. Just get your own forum... You can get them for free.

There are a lot of sub-forums already

There's only like 6-7 regional/language sub-forums here. It would make sense to have a board under say North America/USA/MN, like craigslist. Maybe I can use craigslist :)

Ill give you space if you want on my server

Thanks Osgeld. I was hoping for some space here so my students don't have to register at two places. It seems that the electronics forum on craigslist is very underused in my location. I'll give that a try first.

do you want to manage every major city in the USA? let alone the world?

this "system" is un-equipped for even the volume it sees without care taking

as a shameless plug though I am working on a system that handles user blog space in a wide community, which can deal with group's so if "south Illinois hackers space" wants a group collaboration system they can, along with each user having a separate blog space (and not just limited to arduino, but a wide range of electronic topics)

its on paper, its oh 1-10th online, I have made some basic progress over the holiday weekend, but next weekend I will be sauced up and bored so I expect some major progress

goal is Feb 2011 (with unexpected debugging not included after launch)

You can not do .
this job can be done by admin only between nice concept.

On the note about there already being too many subforums, they could set it up so that you have the main forum

"Regional Groups" or something, but all subforums are hidden from view from the main forum listing, once you've clicked Regional Groups you can have the various main countries, then another "Other" for smaller countries, then if the country is big enough for states/provinces, divide up by that, and for larger states divide up by regions/major cities

Each state/province/small country would require one or two moderators (preferably from the area, so that no one else is forced to make their area a nice place) that only have mod privileges in that subforum

They already have the workshops forum, but it's like one big mass group of everywhere and you have to go through pages and pages to see if anyone in your local area is active, then you realize "hey, if I've gone back 15 pages and haven't seen anything local... no one is active :("