Can I cut epaper

Hi all,

Am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I was wondering if it’s possible to cut epaper?

Basically I want a round section of epaper that I can install in a set of goggles as a basic heads up display.

Thanks in advance

No, don't do that, it will release toxic fluid. And of course not work anymore. :slight_smile:

That takes the award for the funniest question I have seen in a while here! :roll_eyes:

Can you play "rock, e-paper, scissors" with it?

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@ Undefind

topic unlocked as requested

You're kidding! :rofl:

Don't laugh too loud. With the speed of development in displays, I can see that one it just might be possible that some person will work out a way to make it posssible.

Give it a try and report back.

A five year old post rises from the dead.

There are flexible e-paper display. Add them to a long strip with cutting marks in between, like LED strips. Any commercial reason to do it?

I'm actually looking one for making a 10 mm diameter analogue clock display that I drive with and Arduino that is connected to LocoNet. The thing I'm not sure if the ePaper displays that are narrow enough (under 25mm) have a good enough resolution.

LILYGO® TTGO Wrist-e-paper ESP32 Wireless Module 1.54 Inch Display 4MB Support WIFI Bluetooth Development Board for Arduino

Mini Eink 0.97 inch Electronic Paper Display Small E-paper Screen, GDEW0097T50

200x200 seems ok, 184x88 questionable.

Thank you I will look into that.
I was having problem with making a real watch movement run 12 time normal speed. If I can use the ePaper to look ok the model clock town can have a working clock which can also be synchronized

I would definitely suggest making a new topic in "Project guidance", asking ideas about the 12x speed clock.

I'm sure you will get all kind of interesting suggestions!