Can I download sketchbook from web editor, or sync up local sketches with web?

I started working in the Arduino Web Editor and created a sketch there which is working. The ability to share my sketch and to "edit from anywhere" is nice.

However I have found that it is sometimes difficult for me to have a Wifi connection to my development laptop. So I want to install the local application for editing sketches.

Though I see a feature on the Web editor for uploading sketches from my local machine to the web, it doesn't list an option for downloading them. I also don't see an option for keeping the two in sync. Do such options exist?

If not, where can I find a guide for best practices for maintaining this by hand?

You can click the arrow near the sketch name and there is a download option. There is also a way to download the sketches in bulk.
Please see the attachment.

I am going to add in the wishlist thread an entry to keep the local and the online Sketchbook in sync, we have talked about it internally but I don't think this feature request has made it to the public wishlist yet.

Thanks for your report!

+1 for this great idea