Can I fade LEDs while using SN74HC595N shift register?

I dont think this is possible but can I fade in and out LEDs while used 74HC595N 8-bit shift register if my connection pins are all on PWM pins off the arduino. I dont think this is possible because you shift the bits in and they are just on or off for the LEDs right? If that is not possible will this chip her solve my problem? 10PCS IC LED DRIVER PWM CONTROL 28-DIP Link: I would think this would be the better choice as it states PWM and I can chain them together also, but I have not received the item yet (shipping takes 30 days) and I want to finish my project

Thanks for help and support James Maybe this will help.

Yes - put PWM on the '595 OE signal, will fade all outputs the same amount.

Got to wonder why legit parts from Digikey & Mouser are $5.50 each in 10-lots, plus shipping, while parts from China are 90 cents each in 10-lots including shipping.

The tutorial im trying to follow and learn off of the OE pin is grounded on my main 74HC595 that is daisy chained to another. The tutorial is only using the clock, data, and latch pin connected from the arduino. would I have to connect a PWM pin from the arduino to the OE pin and the just send a fade signal through that to the chip while having the other pins from the arduino still connected and doing all the work on data, latch, and clock? What im trying to do is fade one led on the hold it at full brightness then fade in the other and hold it and so on all the way to the end.

Tutorial is the one off the arduino site here:

Sorry if this sound stupid just really new to all this

Using a PWM Arduino output connected to the OE input of the '595 only allows you to fade all 8 LEDs together. You need to fade them independantly.

Have another look at that link groundfungus gave you. That will allow individual fading. It does use alot of the arduino’s processing power to achieve it, but you may well not be using very much anyway, so not a problem.

Another option, as you suggest, would be an LED driver chip with individual fade control, like TLC5940.


Or WS2803, supports 18 LEDs/6 RGB LEDs, 256 levels of brightness control.