Can I feed UNO from external power supply

I have a setup which reads a DHT11 digital temperature/humidity sensor (1) into a UNO and displays the results on a 2.7" 128x65 OLED LCD (3). The display and the sensor are powered by an external power supply (2).
Once the UNO is programmed, and once the USB is disconnected can I then power the UNO from the 5V external supply into the 5V pin on the UNO along (4)?


Yes, you can.

Thort zo! Thanks

Thort zo!

:o Can you explain? I do not understand and web does not help me much more.

Sorry for the confusion. Just me trying to be funny. "Thort zo" is just a phonetic way of saying "I Thought so!"

Aha, one of explanations I found was similar - like baby speak. :slight_smile:

... like baby speak. :slight_smile:

Yup! :wink: