Can I fix a dead Seeduino?

I love my little red Seeduino, but it seems to have died this weekend. I was experimenting with a new motor driver circuit (no schematic) and low and behold it's VCC was an output not an input, so I accidently pumped 5v into the 3.3v pin. I don't know if that fully explains it, but now it doesn't run and I can't program it. The FTDI chip is working fine and the serial port shows up on my computer when I connect it (all the normal blinking lights)

So I'm wondering....

  1. Do I buy a new chip ~$5 and try to solder it in and burn a bootloader onto it? I've never burned a bootloader, though I have parallel programing cable. I tried re-burning the bootloader on an extra 168 chip I've got using a Diecemilla and I couln't get it to work. I ran install_giveio.bat, but AVRDude still didn't recognize the chip. I'll confess to a bit of fear and ignorance at this level of things even though I've been a programmer for years, maybe it's time I grow up and be responsible for putting on my boots! OR
  2. Do I just pry the dead 168-20au off and use the board for my XBee shield to connect to the PC?