Can I flash esp32 pico d4 or any esp32 using USBtinyisp?

Hi everyone,

I have seen people programming ESP32 using arduino with FDTI programmer connecting VCC,GND,TX, RX pins.

I do not have a programmer like this.. can I use USBtinyisp ? It does not have TX RX pins though..

Thank you

I do not think that ESP8266 or ESP32 can be programmed through SPI. USBtinyisp uses SPI to program AVR processors.

It's a definite no. You must upload via the serial port. If you have an arduino etc, you could load a blank sketch to it and use the arduino's USB serial to upload code. I would not even try uploading on just 4 pins. What ESP32 board are you trying to program? Just an ESP32-WROVER or WROOM module? If you wish to use ESP32, you should invest on proper hardware.