Can I get a little help? Pretty please?

I’d really appreciate it GREATLY if someone could suggest help or ideas for interfacing a Sanguino with a Velleman K8064 voltage-controlled dimmer kit:

The K8064 appears to work best when controlled with a DC voltage from 1.5 to 10.0 volts, and I’d like to use all of that range, if possible. I’ve read the forums, the playground, and even other places, and have a decent idea of what I want to do, but generating the voltage range is getting beyond my meager skills.

Please? :’(

can this chip be pwm 'ed or do you need real analog signal
if PWM: transistor or fet and 10V powersupply will take you a long way


Take a look at this thread:

I was looking for between 0 - 12v but I don’t think 10v will make much diffrence. Think I used a TIP102 (or equiv) as I wasn’t certain how much current it would sink. In hindsight a 2N2222 would be fine.

First off, MANY THANKS :slight_smile: for your replies. Since Massimo originally mentioned this Velleman dimmer a few years ago, I’m confident it should work with PWM and an RC filter. It was after reading the Velleman forums I found the working voltage range to be a problem. GrumpyMike’s suggestion to “wire up one of the Arduino’s PWM outputs to a transistor, with a 1K base resistor and 4K7 collector resistor. This gives you a 12V PWM.” sounds ridiculously simple.

So the Arduino’s PWM pin connects to the transistor’s emitter, but where does the base+1K resistor connect, and the collector+4K7 resistor connect? I presume it’s to ground and +12V, but which goes where? :-/ (I’m a software guy, not an EE.)

Thanks for helping!!

Remember to add the collector resistor.

but where does the base+1K resistor connect,

To the PWM output pin of the arduino.

and the collector+4K7 resistor connect?

The other end of the 4k& goes to the +12V. With emitter to ground.

look at:-

for transistors driving external loads and :-

for a discussion on PWM.