Can i get a project idea

I'm 13 and i just finished the MAKE getting started with arduino kit and in that kit i have very limited supplies. Could anyone provide me with a relatively basic project idea.

Could use two light dependant resistors ( LDR ) and two motors and make yourself a sun tracking device for a small solar panel.

With a solenoid switch and a keypad you could make a lock box/safe.

Or make a universal remote with an IR led, and maybe an IR detector to do some sort of capture.

Use a moisture detector and a servo controlled water valve for a auto plant watering system or on a cat dish so moggy doesn't run out of water.

Or weaponize some of your toys, that was always a good time waster.

Post a list of some of your equipment, then you can get more specific answers.

Good for you! Here is another one: display with a matrix of 8x8 LEDs.

Reaction timer game.

Play a couple of beeps as "get set, go" and then the object is to hit the button as soon as possible after an LED lights up. Too slow and you lose. And if you hit it before the LED lights you lose. Play a different tune if you win or lose.

1*8 Pong

Two buttons, one for each player. Eight leds in between. Press your button in time to return your opponents serve. Add a peizo element and your done.

Duane B

You say you have limited supplies but I beg to differ. I’m sure you have tons of supplies at your disposal. Old, broken toys, old electronics, etc. Call your friends and see what they have. Broaden your mind to think what each item can offer you. Motors, gears, LCD displays, buttons, wires, etc.

Use your new found knowledge and ‘repurpose’ some of those old items. I’m just learning this also so I’m in the same boat (however I’m almost 3 times your age! lol).

In terms of IR controls, hook an old toy up to the board with an IR receiver so that it turns on when it receives the IR signal.

Grab some LEDs from somewhere and copy my Blinkenlight Experiments without the shield :wink:

Thank you for all the ideas :D and showing me that i can use almost anything with my arduino. in the kit there is... (1) Arduino UNO (1) USB Cable (1) 9V Battery Pack w/DC Plug (requires soldering) (1) Clear Breadboard (1) Deluxe Jumper Wires (2) Red LEDs (2) Green LEDs (2) Blue LEDs (1) RGB LED (10) 10K Ohm Resistors (10) 220 Ohm Resistors (10) 270 Ohm Resistors (2) Photo Resistors (2) Momentary Button

You have almost everything thing you need for a small project. Always start with a basic idea and then go on improvising it. You can start with blinking of LEDs. Put a couple of them together. May be different color. Connect them to different pins. Make them blink at different intervals of your choice. Then you can make it interactive by adding some buttons. With these inputs you can change the pattern of blinking when the button is pressed.

You can also use the photo sensors to control the speed of blinking.

Good luck. :)

Make a light detector? Show red/green/blue depending on low/medium/high level light on the light sensor.

Or a burglar alert? Shine a torch on the light sensor, and if the beam is broken flash the red LED.

I ended up making a disco light with a RBG LED that changes color. I also found a old solarpanel i could use. PS: this is an awesome community.