Can I have an advice for "Bounce"?

I’m new to arduino and I didnt learn about C or C++
so I have many problems to learn it

as I attached, when I use “bounce” at binary dice code, there’s an error like that : “Bounce” dose not name a type

I downloaded bounce header file at google and applied it but didn’t work :frowning:
can i have an advice to solve this problem?
if i need to get another header file or something, can i get a information either?

Thank you for read,
have a good day! :slight_smile:

English is not my mothertongue so maybe there’s some grammar error or sth
ty :slight_smile:

"Bounce" dose not name a type

It sounds like you have the library installed in the wrong place or with the wrong name or did not stop and restart the IDE after installing it.

The library folder named Bounce should be placed in the libraries folder of your sketch folder. There should be a file named Bounce.h in the folder and possibly one called Bounce.cpp. The filenames must match the folder name exactly.

Please post your program as it is also possible that you are not including the library properly.

The most current version of that library is called Bounce2, and is available at