Can I implement my project as a software?

Dear Friends,

I'm working on a project that detects an accident and alerts a nominated person via a text message. (There are some more functionalities I'm planning to add) I have an idea about other things. But I want to build this as a 100% complete system as this is my final year project in my university.

So, Imagine that you get this device and you want to add your phone number to the alerting service (I'm planing to implement the system with a GSM module). Only thing you expect from this device as a customer, simply insert a sim card to the device and plug it to your computer, add the phone number of nominated person to receive the text message, and simply use device with your vehicle.

My question is,
Is there any way that I can implement a software or web application for Phone number adding process with the system.

I hope you guys can enlighten me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My problem is "define "an accident" "

My car has a system that calls a number if the air bags deploy - what have you got?


Your thread title implies you want to do this all in software. But software needs hardware for support and direction of the programming logic. They both have to be developed together.

Software doesn't corrode, crack and such so there's a good point in doing whatever can be done, in software. However the software somehow needs stimulation by the outside....

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Dear friend, I'm planning to use some shock sensors and accelerometers to detect an accident. And then alert the nominated person with a text message. But the thing I want to know is a way that I can make software of something else to add the phone number to the device. I know that it can be coded but I'm looking for a way to make an easy way for customers.

That's worth a study of its own. I've been studying and developing things like that. It ain't easy. Your project could easily fall on the point of detecting the accident.

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Yes. I have all the other things but I want to know a proper way to implement them. I'm not an expert in Arduino but I have knowledge on programming languages. I'm stuck with where to begin

I have to wonder how the OP decides something is an accident and not something done on purpose.


Thanks sir! I'm studying them these days. I was looking for a way to make a software or something else to add the phone number with the system.

What do you study?

Have you ever used any microcontroller or SBC?

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I'm studying Computer Science. I have researched on Arduino. I have some kind of knowledge. Not very much :slight_smile:

That does not really match the question

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How to add the phone number will be dependent on the available hardware. If you have wifi or network connectivity, a web interface may be possible, bluetooth is also an option if you have bluetooth connectivity. A USB interface would likely require additional software on the computer, or someone who understands how to connect to the device using a serial interface (unlikely for the average consumer without a detailed set of instructions). Depending on the GSM module you may be able to set up the phone number via text message.

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Finish implementing that system, or at least the GSM part of it, and it will become obvious how to add the phone number.

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I know. My English is not good. I have done some small projects with Arduino and I'm interested in this like that. That's why I choose this type of project. I will tell you what I'm going to implement. I planning to make an accident reporting system with Arduino. I'm going to add a shock sensor, accelerometer, GSM module, GPS tracker, and camera module. If the vehicle meets an accident, then it should detect the accident and turn on the alerting system. then it will get the location and send it via a text message to the nominated person. and from the camera module, it takes some photos and will upload them to the web. so the nominated person can see them also.
so I'm planning to implement those things and I have some idea about that. But the thing is I don't have idea how to properly finish this system at a consumer level. that's what I'm asking.
imagine you buy this unit and you want to add your phone number? how you do that? that's my problem.

Dear friend, what kind of software do I need to do that process if I use a USB interface?

Just a terminal program.

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We still don't know what sort of a device you are planning. Is it a small device that is battery powered and carried in someone's pocket. Or is it something that is attached to a vehicle and feeds off the vehicle power and interfaces to the vehicle's computer system?

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Thank you for your reply. Yes my dear friend. I have researched on sending text messages. But I need to implement this system to add the number very simply. I want to add the number as an input, but without interacting with any codes or serial monitors. I'm looking for a way that I can implement a simple software (like a simple java application) to add the phone number to the system

Great! Then you know it is trivial to add the number.

I'm looking for a way that I can implement a simple software (like a simple java application) to add the phone number to the system

This is not an Arduino problem, then, as Arduino runs C/C++

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