Can I link a library object module in Arduino IDE?

Thanks for reading my post! :slight_smile:
Is this even possible with the Arduino library…

I would like to create object modules from my custom written libraries and be able to have others link them into their sketches. Of course I would provide the needed header file, and I do know how to create Arduino libraries. My intention is to create libraries that others can freely use for non-commercial use, but charge for commercial use (I’ve got a family to house and feed, so please don’t think badly of me for wanting to make a living at this). I simply don’t want to distribute the source code as then I’ve given away my hard work to potential commercial users who would use it to make money for themselves. I don’t mind giving freely to the non-commercial community, but again if I distribute the source code it may very well make it into the hands of a commercial project. I am doing this not just for Arduino, my libraries will be produced for commercial use on a wide variety of processors that I regularly develop for (ARM, Renesas, Freescale, TI, Analog Devices, Intel, etc…) - it’s just that if I can succeed in doing this with the Arduino IDE then I will also distribute them freely for the non-commercial Arduino community.

If this is something that can’t be easily done (and it has to be easy for any Arduino IDE user who would want to use my libraries without having to go through a complex process outside the IDE), or it violates Arduino licensing in some way I will understand and be OK with it.

If you know how this can be done and are willing to share your knowledge, thank you very much in advance - and if you can’t thank you very much for reading my post anyway!