Can I make arduino airplane with smartphone LTE?

I'm making my own rc airplane with an Arduino, and I have a question.

I want connect phone to arduino as lte reciever.
Are there any platform or example code that connects a mobile phone and an Arduino by serial port communication using the OTG gender?

It would be better if it could be integrated so that it could be controlled while watching live using a cell phone camera.

I need your help!

Sorry, you have a run on sentence there that is hard to decode. Can you try again please?

What do you define as 'long-distance' ?

I am sorry. I will rewrite it again.

How about this?

Please don't go back and edit previous posts, it makes the thread difficult to follow. Just add new posts.

Have you considered configuring the phone as a wifi hotspot and then connecting to it with the Arduino via wifi?

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