Can I make my car automatically tweet where it is?

Hiya, thanks for reading this. I'd like to track the distance my car travels using arduino by fitting a GPS shield and then connecting to a GSM shield that would send reports via SMS or web to twitter.

Is this technically possible or is there a neater approach?

I need everything to be automatic, so I can just set the device up and then it will run without using an external device.

Thanks! Ali

Yes, sounds very well possible. - - ?

What is the frequency you want to update the car's position? I don't know the prioces of SMS's in your country but ...

Think you could send a new location depending on several factors: - if location doesn't change - once per day is enough - if location has changed more than 100 meters/yards from the last send location? - in anti-theft modus make that 1 meter/yard :)

ANother option to consider is that the Arduino would send the location upon request. You send an SMS to the Arduino and it sends its current location back Will cost you far less ...


Great stuff, thanks for the quick response Rob. I was just reading an article about this shield :)

Sending an SMS to the unit to get it to respond is a neat idea that hadn't occurred to me.