can I operate the motor from vstone which have inputs like Miso,MOSI,and ground

I have a motors
From vstone company with model number sv-us 005e it has 330 kg torque, can any one please help me how I can connect that motor to arduino
It has input and out put pins like Master In Slave Out,Master Out and Slave In, and ground pin
Or please suggest a motor with 330 kg torque that can work with arduino

Post a link to the datasheet for the motor.


Thank you sir,

here is the motor operation manual attached

VS-SV3310_operation_manual.pdf (606 KB)

You have not a motor, but a servo motor with controller.

It uses 3.3V serial connection, refer to fig 1 in the manual for how to connect to a 5V

Torque is not measured in kg

Hello Sir,

Thank You for help, I saw there is only one reciving (RX) and tranmitting (TX) pins in ardunio UNO. But I have 6 LVTTL Servo motors to connect through TTL circuit, can I know is there any expansion circuits for that TX and Rx Pins in UNO Board to connect 6 sevo motors.

A Mega has 4 hardware serial ports but I would consider that that could only connect to 3 motors because you will almost certainly want on serial port to communicate with your PC for debugging.

You may be able to add additional SoftwareSerial ports but they won't perform nearly as well.