Can i output Data on LCD screen like a hardware terminal?

OK so heres the situation;

I am scanning data from high tech laser scanners and outputting the data via a can bus etc, i have the ability to plug in an RS232 cable from a laptop and connect onto a PCB board with TX, RX, GND pinouts, then open up a terminal program, input my baud rate and parity etc..

i can then monitor the RX output in my terminal window.

to make this process easier i would like to use a smaller hardware version of this with an arduinio box.

basically i will have an arduinio, A screen and a power source and the RX and GND cable running to my working scanners.

can this be output on the screen with ease? and how would i edit the setup for baud rate and parity and bits etc without the need for coding onsite and laptops?

It really all depends on how much experience you have in low level programming. Easy for someone may be difficult for you.