Can I program a mega like a mini?

Would I be able to program an Arduino Mega like a Mini is programmed on the bottom of the page in the link below?

It uses an Arduino NG to program an Arduino Mini. I have two other arduino/clone boards, so it would be great if I could program one board with another.

Why would you ever want to program your Mega like that?

The Mega comes with it’s own USB-to-TTL converter on board…

The only reason the Arduino mini is programmed through the Arduino NG, is because the mini requires a Serial-to-TTL converter, or USB-to-TTL converter. Which, the NG has on board, so he’s just removing the chip from the NG board, connecting RX and TX to the RX and TX of the Mini to program it.

And you can’t program other smaller board, such as the 168, 328,etc, with the Mega like this, because the chips not DIP(removable)… you may be able to turn it into a Programmer, but that’s for burning bootloaders and such, not exactly uploading sketches.

So, short answer… no, you can’t program the Mega like the Mini is programmed at the bottom of the page… there is no reason to.

Thanks. The mega I want to program has a blown usb-ttl thing, so I was wondering if I could save some money using an arduino instead of buying a usb-ttl cable/converter.

modern devices sells a usb <->ttl serial thingie for 12 bucks, which is half the cost of an average ftdi cable

it may not be free or even stupid cheap, but its cheaper

then you still have to worry about hooking it up, which i can tell you wire from an old floppy drive cable (or non pata ide cable) just happens to fit surface mount stuff pretty well

I was waiting to see if that was the case. You’re in luck! :slight_smile:

I just did the same to my Duemilanove. Here’s what you need to do to save your Arduino from the pile.

Remove the FTDI chip. I used my pocket knife to ‘saw’ through the pins on the chip (since I had no good way to desolder it). Make sure you don’t damage the traces on the board. Clean up the area where the FTDI chip was to be sure none of the leads have been bridged by your careful SAWING. :wink:

Order one of the FTDI Basic Breakout boards from SparkFun. (Be sure you get the right voltage)

Wire up the breakout board to your Arduino like this:

DTR - Unconnected (In theory, if you connect this to Reset, it’s better. Didn’t work for me. See below…)
5V - 5V

When you upload a sketch, press reset on the Arduino and hold it, then click the upload button in the IDE, when the FTDI board blinks faintly on the red LED, immediately release the reset button. It takes a few tries to get right, but it works and you’ve saved yourself a board.

(below) I may have damaged my board with my not-so-careful removal of the FTDI chip. You should be able to connect the DTR pin to the reset pin of the Arduino and it will function just like it used to when you upload from the IDE. In my case it didn’t work and I have to do the manual reset-at-upload method described above.

Good luck! I hope you are able to save your board.

EDIT: Now that I’m thinking about it, you may not have to remove the old FTDI chip. Try wiring it up and see if it works before removing the chip.

ANOTHER EDIT: If you have another working Arduino, you can remove the processor and use it instead of buying the FTDI Breakout board.
See: (scroll to the bottom)

Yeah, I mis-read.

You should be able to program the Mega with a Duemilanove (or NG) just gotta make sure you select the right board, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t. :slight_smile:

And you could always buy a USB-to-RS232 cable ($3 w/ shipping), and some 232 IC’s, (like $1 a piece?) and make your own USB-to-TTL cable/board with that.

Thanks for all the help! I’ll try this as soon as I can.