Can i program generic ir remote to control my air conditioner

So one of my ac remotes got ruined by battery acid. Turns out that the remote from another ac in the house works just fine on the ac without a remote.

I've "extracted" the raw code from the working remote for ON and OFF. Is there a way to "make" those generic black flat plastic ir remotes to send those codes to the ac?

You could get a cheap IR learning remote control such as the Chunghop L181 since you have a usable control to copy.

I even made an Arduino replica of this model and published it here in the Exhibition Gallery. Arduino IR Learning Remote Control
However, that is not really a beginner project.

Probably not. IR code for AC is not simple like for other devices.

if the IR-remote is a IR-remote that is able to record" ir-signals itself it can do
otherwise not.

what does this mean "extracted the raw code"?

Did you use a microcontroller to decode the IR-signals-tream?
If yes in which format do you have the "extracted" ON/Off-signal

best regards Stefan