Can I program the arduino to  play mp3 files ?

Is this possible? Im new to arduino and I am making a nice project. By clicking on a button connected to arduino can it play a surtain mp3 file? If I have various buttons can I program them to play different sounds/songs?

What will I need? Thx!!!!

I think personally that you want something like this:

320Kbps mp3 with file management etc I have one and it gives extremely good audio as you can imagine for 320Kbps :)


Thanks! How big is this one mowcius? I am lookin for a really tiny one. I dont care if its 320 or 192 :P I think I will go with the first one ;P

At $100 each, it better sing and dance along with the MP3.

Well you could make it do so with the frequency analysis and a few servo motors :P

I have been informed by brett from rogue robotics that the price will be dropping soon. I think that it is a very good board and with a nice price drop it will be much more competitive with the other boards.


That sounds nice :) I´ll wait then :P

Well I dunno when it will be so you might not want to wait up.

I understand it will be about $60 so more like the prices of the other boards although it can do much more.