Can I put a Hyper link in my Signature

Can I put a Hyper link in my Signature ? if so, how please

The only way I know of to get a clickable link is:
Profile > Edit personal info > Personal Info tab > fill in the website field
This will make a little globe icon under your profile picture that links to the website. I think I read that other links were banned a while ago but some people were grandfathered in.

There is an option at Profile > Forum Settings > Settings > Forum Profile > Website URL. This will temporarily add a link but then after a few hours it disappears. I'm guessing the webmaster did some stupid hack of a cron job that goes through and removes them periodically instead of just removing that option.

I just typed a reply telling you that it is impossible to do this, and to check my signature to find a plain text URL.
To my own surprise, i saw that that link actually is a clickable link now.
Come to think of it, i do think i did some test on this a while back.
I don’t know when that has changed.
I did change it to text and decided to keep as is when these measures were taken.
I still think it should be like that and not some other text containing a link, so people can see what they are clicking (although you would expect that anyone here wouldn’t just click any link without seeing where it will take you).

I think forum URLs are allowed.

I agree about the URLs. Of course you can just hover over a link to see the URL and should do that anyway but often the URL contains information that can help you evaluate if you're even interested in going that far. I've seen a rant on here about people hiding the URL and another about people not hiding the URL so I guess there are differences in opinion. I usually will hide it when the link is only providing additional information not directly essential to what I'm saying. For example:
I filed an issue about this a while ago but never received a response.
Here's the comment one of the Arduino developers left on the issue I filed: Forum Profile settings disappear · Issue #194 · arduino/forum-issues · GitHub.