Can I put a T-mobile sim card into the SIM800L Module?

I am trying to connect my SIM800L module to my arduino, but am confused what kinds of sim cards work. My phone currently is an IPhone XS, and I would like to take my tmobile sim card from there and put it into the module. I talked to a tmobile rep and they said my card could handle 2G devices. Would this work? Thanks!

No idea, but what is stopping you from trying it?

I just tested it and the red light blinks every 3 seconds (I believe it indicates it means it found a network), but I am unable to detect the module on my computer. I am confident the wiring is correct. Does anyone have any idea what I should do from here?

I have a SIM900 bought from Ali Express. Borrowed a SIM card from work (we use a lot of SIM cards for remote energy loggers). The module LED blink every 3 seconds, just as your module. From work I checked if the SIM card has been used - it has not. It have never contacted the network.

I suspect the module I got only accept Asian networks, but I'm not sure. I think I have read something about this - that modules bought from Asia only accept Asian networks.

Thank you! That is very strange indeed. I will do more testing