can I run 2 rotary encoders at the same time?

can I attach two rotary encoders to my arduino micro? I am building an antenna rotator , and in the control box to set the desired bearing I am using a rotary encoder. This encoder is attached to pins 1 and 0 and attached interrupt to these pins. the problem I am having is that I am wanting to use another rotary encoder in the antenna rotator to send back the bearing information. I need both encoders to give real time feed back. so can I run 2 rotary encoders at the same time on one arduino?

Yes. There are PCINTs you use for additional interrupts. Or you can use a rotary encoder chip like this and then only need 1 interrupt per encoder - get a clock pulse and a direction line. Can be a little difficult to find a distributor Distributors

AdaEncoder will do it.