Can I run and control 1000 ws2811 leds off an arduino ?

Hi I'm wondering if you lovely people of the Arduino forum could help me out. I have recently purchased 12v 60pm 3 x 5 meter roles of ws2811 LEDs. I will be doing two separate runs and wiring it as a ring to reduce voltage drop on both runs. I want to be able to make these sound reactive. Is it possible to control this many LEDs from an Arduino and a sound sensor? I'm hoping there's someone on here who has done something similar. I'm very new to all this and any advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards Will


15 meters X 60 LEDs/meter = 900
Generally with 12V strips, there are 3 LEDs per ws2811, so you are only needing to drive 300. That requires 900 bytes of dynamic memory (3 bytes per ws2811), so it can be done with an Uno or Nano if the remainder of your code does not use an excessive amount of memory.

Or YES !

And of course it does depend on which board you want to use as many of the newer ones have much more available memory so that would indicate a bigger YES !