Can i run the ARDUINO NANO with anImpulsewidth of 40ms?


I have a testrack with 2 sensors attached to a cylinder. The sensors count the amount of time an object takes from the first to the second sensor by dropping through the cylinder.

I tried it with an stop watch. With the debouncing and a signal of 40ms the stop watch was not able to count the time correctly.

My relay will give me a 40ms pulse if something passes a sensor. Can i trigger that event with an ADRUINO NANO? If not is there anohter ADRUINO device which could help me with it?

I have searched through a lot of forums and stuff but i couldn´t find that information.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t really understand your description. If it is any help 40 millisecs is a long time for an Arduino so it should be quite capable of doing what you want.

Can you draw a diagram that illustrates the signal that you want to detect and post a photo of the drawing.

What sensors are you using? Post a link to their datasheet,



the sensors we use are the MK5201 magnetic sensors. Link to the sensor Family:

These are my signal diagram pictures.

is the arduino able to trigger on this event to start/stop the timer?


Yes, with ease.

Thanks for the answer.


Be sure not to connect that 24V signal directly to your Arduino!