Can I safely power arduino uno from 5V pin?

I am making a project that uses a string of 50 ws2812 RGB leds. They are 5 volt. I am providing current to the LEDs using a fairly high amp wall wart converter. There is a common ground to the Arduino. The project is in development and I am powering the Arduino via the USB connection to my computer. I am using a 35V 1000 mfd capacitor across the power supply to the LEDs.

Once I am out of development I don’t want to fool around with two different voltages. Is it a reasonable idea to power the arduino via the 5v pin and the capacitor smoothed 5v power that is feeding the string of LEDs. I am giving the project to my daughter once complete and would feel bad if it crashed and burned after a short life span.

Thanks in advance.


As long as you've got clean stable 5V then it's no problem. I do it all the time.

Thanks for the reply. I am going to give it a go...