Can I safely use my Arduino on my Mousepad?

Hey there,

I just got my first Arduino Uno, only had a Nano so far, which I conveniently mounted on the bread board.

Now I'm wondering if it would be safe to have my Arduino sitting on my mousepad (I have a really, really big one) while working with it or if I have to worry about electro-static discharge or anything like that.

I don't really want to roast it right after I got it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That should be safe. ESD can do weird things so there's always the possibility but for the most part the Arduino boards are pretty robust. I've been pretty abusive to them and haven't fried one yet. Got one mounted with Velcro. You can literally see the sparks when I pull it off. Still runs though.

Other than ESD, you should also be careful about conductive debris under the board causing shorts. While tinkering around I tend to end up with a bunch of cut component leads and other bits of metal strewn across my workspace and setting a powered Arduino down on that can cause big problems. I like put some standoff feet on all my boards (e.g. Uno) that don't plug directly into a breadboard (e.g. Nano). Those feet give enough clearance above the bench to be safe from any reasonable amount of debris.

Yeah - I have taken virtually no static precautions, and have never had a board fail due to suspected ESD.

Id probably make sure you’re not standing on a synthetic carpet wearing semi synthetic clothing.. That was the old joke in the 80s in most electronics installations. But seriously modern chips are far less likely to fail.

I’ve got a few designs of board holder for diy on my website. They’re generally made from offcuts of wood so very very cheap. My site is linked from my profile. Saves any possibility of shorting the board.