Can I seamlessly upload skethches from Windows as well as linux desktop?

I have a Arduino UNO board and a windows desktop. I have done the arduino installation in the windows desktop and the arduino works fine with it. Now I have got a linux desktop as well. I was wondering once I setup the linux desktop and the same Arduino board, can I seamlessly use the arduino board between the two desktops without doing anything extra. Just for example once I started using the Arduino board with the linux desktop and if I want to use it with the windows desktop again, do I have to download or setup drivers again. Can I seamlessly upload skethches in Arduino from Windows as well as linux desktop ?

Thanks Alok

once you get the linux install going its a java ide and the sketchbook folder is in /home/username/sketchbook

drag n drop, works fine, bout the only thing that changes is folder locations and serial port names for the IDE