Can I search a topic under a specific board?

I really want to search keyword like "ribbon cable" under general electronics board but how? I posted a question about IDE ribbon cables and later found the solution. It took me lots of time to dig it up in order to show it to someone with similar problem. Thanks.

Is THIS the thread you're looking for?

Wow yes. Any quicker way to get to it? I had to do sort by author and go by 10s of pages. If somebody else posted that and I didn't remember the OP's id, I'd never find it.

Click on the image and take a look at the google search terms. I used their "" to keep the search within the forums, then added specific search terms that would be in the thread.

It would be even easier if the forum included the name of the forum section in the title of the page. You could then search for: intitle:"general electronics" ide "ribbon cable"

and that would search only topics that are in the general electronics section. But as it is now the section only appears when you're in that section but outside the thread.

Thanks biocow. I thought the picture was just for fun. I'll try google next time I need to find something on the forum. Other forums have better search functions such as search author and date.