Can I sell my product?

So I read a lot about this but it is not clear for me. Can I sell my product if it has a modified arduino board base with the arduino base libraries? For example (not my exact project) I modify an Arduino UNO with some buttons etc, and the firmware is more arduino base than my own creation. I'm not calling it arduino, and not saying it is arduino compatible either, it cannot be programmed just used like a headphone or something like that.
Is this legally right? Or what I have to do to make it sellable?

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You should always consult a lawyer to answer legal questions.

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A lot of arduino forum post and what I found on the arduino legal site. Moreover I even wrote a message to arduino about it but never got an answer.

If it's someone else's project, and modified it, and it is an open source project that is available freely.. first check how that project is licensed. Most of the intellectual property can be used under "fair use" laws if you have used a portion (I don't know exact percentages) of someone's code and wrote the rest by yourself.

If you are going to sell a couple of them, it won't be a problem, but if you are trying to sell it legitimately in a wider market, even if it's 100% your code, talking to a lawyer is always the first thing you should do.

You can get free legal advice from

Good Luck!

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You can sell to your heart's content.
However if it has a proper Arduino as its core as you say, and as you state you have done very little to make it your own work then calling it an Arduino could land you in some problems.
The best work around is to use the word "Compatible" after the name which limits your exposure slightly. As for using the LOGO and or other trademarks you may have issues.

Just emailing Arduino will not always get you too far.
You need to have a few things lined up such as schematics, product pictures, and a detailed selling plan before you contact them.
Just an email saying Hey I want to sell this board with a shield on top for doing "x" is not really a good idea as they no doubt get lots of those and there is only one place I know for them. :toilet:

I think @Per has worked on something that may also be of help.

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