Can I send a serial GPS data up to 10Hz from 1Hz GPS receiver?

Can I send a serial GPS data up to 10Hz from 1Hz GPS receiver?

I have 1Hz update rate , 9600bps baud rate GPS receiver. I want to send out the serial data10 times per second in this format.


I don't matter if the data is still the same until gps receiver send a new data out. How can i do that?

I have two of Arduino 2560 and 2 two Arduino Uno.

Sure, but Why?

Write a for:next loop to send it out 10 times after you receive the GPS data and parse it up into the elements you want.

Perhaps look at the tinygps library to help with finding the data you want.

How can i do that?

Have a current buffer holding the most recent complete output from the GPS unit.

Read and buffer subsequent output from GPS as it becomes available, and once you have a complete out copy it into the current buffer.

Separately, write the content of the current buffer out to your serial port an whatever interval you want. See 'blink without delay' for the recommended approach to carry out actions at regular intervals, while leaving your sketch free to do other things in the meantime.

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