can i send an wav file (in sd card) from arduino to webserver? using wireless ?

subject is my question.
it seems difficult or is not possible .
is there a way?
like change wav file to binary or split... or something....
plz help me somebody...

like change wav file to binary

All files, including wav files are already in binary.

It is not clear if you just want file transfer or streaming?

File transfer is relatively straightforward l but streaming is a lot more complex and would require a more powerful platform than th Uno. That is more clock speed and more read / write memory.

thank you for your answer .
i do not care i just send about 1minutes wav file...
is it possible?
please give me some keyword for search
it would be better suggest me some codes...

Key words
File transfer
Web client
Http protocol

Look in the examples given in the library for the wi-fi shield you have. There will be an example about sending data in response to a request from a web page.

Also note you will have to write the web page so that it requests a file and does something with it.

thank you for your kindness!
i hope you have a good day!