can i send data from a computer via gprs to a windows based compuer running a di

Hi, i am new to Arduino and i was wondering if i could make a conection via gprs between a comp controlling several precicion electromotors and a windows based comp running a diagnostic program.

normaly we connect the computers via usb cable. and we want to be able to reset and run diagnostic from a distance

is this posible with a arduino uno and a gprs dual band module, or am i going about this the wrong way?

if it would require us to build 2 units 1 for the controlling comp and 1 for the windows comp running the diagnostic that would be no problem

if 1 unit wild do that would be great.

hope you guys and/or galls can help me figure this out

kind regards Danny

You could send data from one computer to another using XBees, with a lot less trouble than with GPRS. Two of these and two of these, and your set.


Thanks for the fast reply Pauls,

but the computers will be 200 kilometers apart =)

the comp i want to read is build in a car, and it controls adaptations for handicapt people, if they have a malfunction in there system now, we have to jump in a car drive over there and conect the laptop to reset the system. if we could do this remotly that would be a huge improvement, and since the 2 computers will be several hundreds of kilometers apart we need gsm/gprs.

regards Danny

if they have a malfunction in there system now, we have to jump in a car drive over there and conect the laptop to reset the system.

I would spend some time thinking about detecting malfunctions and do an automatic reset() .... like those nasa guys

Hoi Rob,

Thx for the fast reply,

you are wright about a build in auto-reset, but for now its not possible,

the thing is we have a demo vehicle running a lot of components that are beiing build in and out and in and out again, this is what causses the malfunctions. so its not a realy instable unit, but we are asking to much of this system.

the man using the demo model is good at showing how it works and callibrating the system, but when it goes wrong its a bit too much to ask of him to figure this out. so if he could plug in a usb cable with a gsm/gprs transmitter/receiver and we could make a connection to that ip-adres we could gather data to find weak spots in the system en reset the system so he can continue his work. =)

i was hoping to make such a gsm/gprs transmitter/receiver with a arduino uno with a gsm/gprs module, or would i need an ethernet shield as well? it seems to me that this should be possible to make and do, but i am very new at this, and i was hoping to get some advice on this befor i order the parts and find out that this isn't possible at all.

i hope this is a doable project.

kind regards Danny