Can I send emails with just an ethernet shield?

Can I send emails with just an ethernet shield (and the board obviously) and how? I am TOTALLY new to this, so a full explanation would be helpful. I have a hanrun arduino ethernet shield V1.1

Yes, but using a limited number of SMTP servers. SMTP2GO is the one I use. The second example on this page. You must use a base64 encoded user and password. You can do that here.

Ok, first, do i have to change anything besides what it says at the top to change? (like mac address) how do i do that? second, will this run as soon as i plug it in and upload without me pushin any buttons or hooking up more wires? third what is an smtp server and how do i use it? As stated, I am utterly and completely a noob.

Also why must i use a base64 encoder and what must i use it for?

You must either change the sketch to use DHCP, or change the network settings.

You must base64 encode your user name and password.

This isn't exactly a project for a network beginner.