Can i stack protoshield, with headers only

I just assmbled a protoshield, i did just use the headers on both rows, I didnt connect any of the switches, resistors, capasitors or leds, since im only using it for 2 digital pins and the +5vcc and gnd. Im then stacking a ethernetshield on top of the protoshield.

The ethershield got long header legs, so it fits on top of a protoshield. So my setup is like this arduino->protoshield->ethernetshield.

With this setup nothing works. Is there really necessary to add all the components to the shield, even if i dont use them?

I only need the protoshield as a place to solder my circuit to 3.5mm connectors for LDR sensor and a Serialenabled LCD.

You shouldn't need all the components. Double check there isn't any short circuits between the pins you've soldered.

Iv cheked that, and really it was pretty simple to solder just the headers pins, they look fine, so i dont think theres is a short there.

Im a bit concerned about the ceramic capacitors, whats their purpose, Do i need them to use the 5vcc lines on the protoshield?

Well according to the ADAFruit page (it is that one isn't it?) the capacitors are for additional power stability. So not, strictly necessary no.

Sorry, i didnt mention. Im using the one from Sparkfun. link:

But im using longer "passthrough" headers on the outer rows, so that i can stack another board on top it.