Can I store a byte array in the arduino EEPROM in order to save some RAM?

Hello, I just started using Arduino and I was wondering if I could use the EEPROM to store a byte array un order to save some ram, I'm working in a school project that registers in and outs with rfid and stores it in an sd card and when requested send the data trough udp, what I want to do is to store the sd data in the EEPROM instead of in a RAM buffer to then send it trough udp. Is that possible? If not what do you recommend me to do? I will need some hundreds of bytes.

Writing to the EEPROM is many many times slower than writing to RAM. It also has a limited number of write cycles: it’s not guaranteed past 10,000 writes although you will usually get a lot more than this. You also can’t address EEPROM directly like an array when you’re reading, so reads are also slower. You also can’t pass the EEPROM address to standard functions like UDP.write(char*, int) so you would have to copy to an array in RAM first.

If you can live with those limitations then there’s no reason not to use it.

Personally, I would choose an Arduino with more RAM, such as a MEGA or Teensy.

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