Can i upload pcb-gcode(eagle) file to universal Gcode sender? How can do?

Hi guys, help me!! before i launch my project about drilling cnc i wanna ask you, can i upload pcb-gcode from(eagle) and then i would like to input it to universal Gcode sender???? it's possible to be work or not???

I don't think this is an Arduino problem. You should make enquiries on a CNC Forum.

Presumably, if you can produce a GCode file using Eagle it can be sent with a GCode sender program.

I think the real question is whether the CNC drilling machine will make the holes in the correct places when it receives that GCode. And I presume it can be made to do so.


I don't think you can get Gcode from an eagle project. Gcode is not the same as a Gerber file, which is what Eagle can give you.