can I use 13 volts into the mini pro raw pin

Would Arduino Pro Mini fry if i m using 8 brand new batteries of "D" direct into the RAW pin? The multi-meter is showing as 12.97 volts. Because I have looked up Arduino Pro Mini document see here. Please me know if is good practice or not.

Also, I have up look up battery capacity the each "D" has 13000. Would be okay if i am using 8 battery times 13000 so I am getting 104,000 mAh as long its standard voltages?

It is never good practice to exceed the manufacturer's recommendations.

In addition, the regulator will overheat if you try to draw too much current from the 5V pin or output pins. So, you need to state what is connected to the Arduino.

If for some reason you must use 8 alkaline cells, use an efficient, 5V step down voltage regulator and power the Arduino through the 5V output pin.

Battery capacities do not add when batteries are connected in series, only when connected in parallel.

Okay, I understand why we should always not exceed from the manufacturer’s recommends. Right now, I am having a Arduino Mini Pro and Buck converter modules. I am trying to figure out with reduce consumption power in the best solution.

If I am using 12 volts to the Buck converter module and a photo-transistor, the output dropped 5 volts after light sensitivity to turn on an Arduino Mini Pro’s VCC or Arduino Nanos VCC. because I will use it sleep most of the time than wake up of the microprocessor, it can increase batteries life spins.

Does it matters which one should use an microprocessor because I will need to wake up for approximately one minute on each day?

For low power operation, run the Arduino on 2xAA batteries (8 MHz clock). It will run for years if waking only one minute per day.

I strongly recommend this excellent tutorial on low power operation.

You can very easily convert the Arduino Pro Mini into a "bare bones" Arduino by removing the regulator and power LED with the tip of a hot solder pencil.

How's about this one diagram.