Can I use 5 volts Potentiometer with Nano 33 IOT?

I anted to know if I can use the Nano 33 IOT with a 5 volts potentiometer for ADC value. But are the pins are not 5 volt tolerant? I mean it says they are not, so even for push buttons I need some special push buttons so that they work with the Nano 33 IOT? Does anyone know if someone manufactures 3.3 volt pots?

Potentiometers by themselves do not have a voltage, so what do you mean by "a 5 volts potentiometer" ?

Please show links for the exact parts you will be using eg

5V pot?

Potentiometers do not come as a voltage spec, but a resistance specification.

If you have worries about the Nano33 input range then;

Connect a pot from 0V to 3V3 and connect the wiper to the analog input of the Nano33.
Try a 10K Ohm potentiometer.
Then write some code to read the analog input and send it out on the serial port to the Arduino IDE monitor.
The default for the ADC is 10bits, so if you turn the pot from 0V to 3V3 you should see 0 to 1023 on the serial monitor.


If you don't have a potentiometer, then connect the analog input to 3V3 and with some code, see what the ADC output in the Nano33 indicates on the serial monitor.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom...

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