Can i use 6v instead of 12v in a L298N motor driver?

I am a beginner and i was trying to make a 2WD Bluetooth Arduino car but the video I followed asked me to provide 12v to the motor driver. I already have a 4 AAA battery pack so is there any way I can use that to create the car. If yes please tell me how to do so. Also if I can do I have to change the code and do I hv to change the wiring?

That stone age driver has a voltage drop of about 4V so that that not much of the 4 AAA remains for the motor. Use a modern driver board with almost zero voltage drop and power loss. The actual supply voltage should match your motor requirements.

@DrDiettrich so ur suggesting to use L293D?

No, it's also stone age.

then tell me a good motor driver pls

Almost any except those L2...
Search for "brushed DC motor drivers", optionally with your motor current.

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