Can I use a 7.4V battery when I need a 6.0V

Hi all-

So I apologize for the beginner question... I have a hexapod that I'm working on with 12 servos (6x HS-485 and 6x HS-625). They draw 150mA with no load running, and run at 6V. The battery I have is pretty heavy (6V 2800mA - I was wondering if I could use a lighter LiPo battery, though I'm only finding them in 7.4V packs. Is there an easy way for me to reduce the voltage for this, or maybe a different source of 6V batteries that are lighter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


One way to drop voltage is via a couple of forward-biased rectifier diodes, about 0.7V per diode with reasonable
current flowing. If you can find a definite datasheet for the servo it might indicate max voltage, but they are
commonly rated for 4.8V and 6V, 7V4 is a little high for comfort...

The range (and the torque) max out at 6.0V, yes. I have little electronics experience, so I'll look up these diodes. Thanks!