Can I use a Brushless Motor for a obstacle avoidance robotic platform

Project Scope:
Vehicle will serve as a obstacle avoidance system. I will have a laser range detecting system mounted on it that will scan it's forward environment. Vehicle will need to operate indoors and outdoors. Therefore it needs to be compatible with rough terrain. Front wheels need to be dedicated to steering. Rear wheels need to be dedicating to forward and reverse operations. I want to stay away from the four wheel drive system for the meantime. Vehicle needs to run between 30 minutes to no more than 60 minutes. Vehicle shouldn't be exceeding 45 degree angle climbs.

This is my own project so I don't have any requirements other than what I stated above. I want to learn from building this project so keeping it's parameters flexible I thought was for the best.






I see alot of servos being used to control these robotic platforms in forward and reverse operations. In my frame above i will be required to buy one for my steering system. However, using a servo for the forward/reverse operations I believe wouldn't be powerful enough for my setup.

I'm wanting to incorporate a ESC/Brushless Motor into my system. I'm afraid that my Brushless Motor I have picked out above
might be to powerful and the wrong category of motor to be using. I've asked several RC experts from on the matter and they assure me that the motor is to powerful but they never say that using a brushless motor is bad either. However, some replies say that my setup is fine. So alittle confused on the matter as i'm receiving different input from people. Can someone help me out alittle and let me know if my setup is ok and if not explain what I need to change up. Even though i'm a EE major i'm new to autonomous robots so could use some expertise.

Also if you would like to see the post I made on its below. You'll see that two different people are giving me two completely different advice. Figured it wouldn't hurt to get some input from you guys here on the arduino site. Thanks again for any advice/guidance.

You Hobbyking links are no good any more.
3000 kv is too high for a vehicle. The rpm is too high and the torque is too low.
You need 970 kv max (lower would be better) and the battery should be chosen based on motor current .


LiPo Batter


Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking51509__Turnigy_SCT_V2_2WD_1_10_Brushless_Short_Course_Truck_KIT.html

Does these links work correctly?

That's not a car motor , and if it is , it is for racing. You don't need a high rpm motor like that one. You need low kv motor with high torque.

You may want to modify an RC rock crawler to act as your mobile platform.

Did some searching around/recalculated some parameters and put together a new Parts List. Hopefully I didn’t mess this up to bad. :astonished: I consulted with the support team at HobbyKing and asked around on what other people have attempted with similar projects. Definitely have put some research into this “Parts List”. I’m posting this up for some feedback if anyone has any suggestions.

Shane’s_Robot.xlsx (44.8 KB)

Why do you have a 4S battery and a 2S motor ?
You'll fry you motor putting 18V on a motor rated for 8.4V.

I really don't have a good answer for that raschemmel. Just a newbie i'm afraid. that's why i'm on here asking. :~ I assumed my ESC would run cooler and that exceeding the Battery specs with a 4 cell wouldn't do any harm.

Would this be a better option: