Can I Use a K179 with My Mega to Drive My Stepper Motor?

I would like to know if I can use a K179 Unipolar Stepper Motor Drive board with an Arduino Mega 2560 to control a stepper motor. The is a spec. sheet. It's Greek to me. If I can, how do I hook it up?

My next question would be, how do I hook my stepper motor to the K179? This a link to the 57BYG:

Specifications including wiring diagram.

Picture of the back of the motor.

Here's thank you in advance for your help.

First you need to identify which wiring diagram applies to your motor - here a multimeter set to ohms range will help - all windings have the same resistance.

Then look at the circuit diagram at the end of the datasheet for the controller and match up windings to the output pins of the controller. Add direction and step and ground connections to the Arduino (or use the test switches) to determine correct stepping and direction. Don't use the Arduino 5V supply as motor supply BTW.