Can I use a LG wn8122e1 Wifi module?

I ripped apart a smart tv and amongst other gems, I found a wn8122e1 - 6 pin wifi module.
I have Unos, Mega and some xiao boards at my disposal. I was wondering if it's possible to solder these pins to work with one of my boards without having a wifi shield.

the pins are as follows:

Pin 1 - VCC
Pin 2 - USB_DN
Pin 3 -USB DP
Pin 4 -GND
Pin 5 - WOWL
Pin 6 - NC

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yes you can, and the manuals are available online, Google found them as the first hit

Thankyou. I did google it beforehand, but apparently I didn't read the manual through enough. I'm also new to electronics. Im learning quick though, so Ill test it out.. Thanks again for your reply.