Can I use a PC microphone?

I am a beginner and just playing around with parts. But I can't get that darn microphone to work! I tried a few different circuits (but have no scope here to check the output.)

Can I connect a normal PC mic directly to Uno? I guess it's an electret mic and the circuit looks like that:

Or will I need a amplifier?

You need to 1) power the microphone and 2) amplify its signal, before using it with the Arduino.

Here's a good article on powering microphones. As for the amplification, there are various schematics based around op-amps, power amps or transistors.

I have two posts on my blog that may be of help:
Mic amp with LM358 op-amp
Mic amp with LM386 power amp

Mic amp with LM386 power amp

I used sort of this circuit with 'nearby' parts (I had a 386 in my box) and it worked!

Thank you!

Not sure why my transistor circuit didn't work, but with no oscilloscope on hand it's hard to trouble shoot.