can I use a raw PIR sensor?

I've got a raw PIR sensor with three pins coming off of it.

Raw PIR sensor:

I'm hoping to hook this up to my arduino. I've been trying this schematic, according to this website I found. How to use Pyroelectric ("Passive") Infrared Sensors (PIR)


Using this code, I've been trying to monitor what the sensor is doing, but the serial monitor just seems to be outputting zero. I've seen other PIR sensor schematics online and they all seem to be attached to a chip. Is it possible to use just the raw sensor that I've got?

int pir_pin = 3;

void setup() {                
  pinMode(pir_pin, INPUT);     

void loop() {
  int sensorValue = digitalRead(pir_pin);

The raw PIR sensor output changes by only a few mV when a moving heat source is detected. For an Arduino the signal needs to be amplified. Also, the relevant signal is AC, so you need an AC coupled amplifier circuit. Here is some background info, describing the use of a raw PIR with a microprocessor having a much better ADC than found in the Arduino:

See this video by Jeri Ellsworth for background on how to use a raw PIR sensor: