Can i use a uno and bluetooth to send key strokes to a computer?


What i am trying to do -
my mountain bike club has a start gate and when a bike pasess through it a guy at the start hits the # key on a bluetooth num pad to start the timer off. i am wanting to use a UNO, bluetooth chip and switch to emulate the # key stroke when a rider passes by and activating the switch and sending a # the the connected computer.

i tried using the Keyboard libary but upon trying then seraching, i found it does not work with a UNO.
is there another way?
i am trying to avoid using USB.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Bluetooth normally transfers characters, not KBD keystrokes. What if you send only a '#'?

You could do this with an ATMEGA32U4 (Arduino Leonardo/Micro or clone ) which has a PC keyboard emulation capability.

thank you
do i simply get my UNO to send a # as a serial.print via bluetooth? it sounds too easy.
otherwise i have had a quick look and i can get a ATMEGA32U4 cheaply and with not much fuss.

You can do it but not directly, write a program that reads in serial - over -bluetooth bytes sent from arduino and do whatever you want with it. If strict keyboard input is mandatory, you should find a virtual keyboard library for your platform.

So the program running on host platform would read serial data and transform that input in keystrokes, but I'm not sure this what you really need. If you loose/switch focus from the window the keystrokes will go elsewhere.

Thank you.
I am off to give it a go.