Can I Use Any C++ Code

I've been looking up C++ standard library reference and wonder, can I use any of there standard functions?

If not can I just get hold of C++ files and include them in Arduino usage? Or are there more less-common functions within the depths of the archive folders?

Cheers, /me

You can use most C++ syntax features.

You can overload functions and operators.

You can request functions be made inline.

You won't be able to throw or catch exceptions.

You'll need to include two lines to support the operator new and the operator delete, which allocate RAM at runtime. Just like the C malloc() and free() functions, you have to be very sparing and careful with their usage. Runtime memory errors can be very difficult to debug.

You probably won't get much use out of the Standard Template Library because there's just not enough RAM to deal with that much runtime allocation.

The C++ stream I/O features may be useful to some, but I much prefer C stdio printf() over C++ cout syntax.

If you like the C++ << style output operations, check out the simple template at for using this instead of the print() method. It really simplified a bunch of code in my demo sketch for the Webduino library.

Thanks for that advice. I think that the C++ << style output operations will help with a project I’m doing which is overflowing with print() on every other line!