Can I use Arduino along with windows OS?

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I have started research on Arduino recently and soon will write a tutorial on that but I need help as I am a windows user can I run Arduino on windows or is it necessary to get Linux OS
secondly I need Arduino basically for smaller projects so any expected market price?
please answer my queries I have few more questions in my mind before I start with Arduino.

You can download the Arduino IDE for Windows; I suggest that you download the normal version and not the store version.

If you want to get your feet wet, get a starter kit. Else what to buy depends on your projects.

I was using store version and getting errors on it

There are thousands of reasons why you can get errors; 99.9% of those will also happen when using the normal version.

Of course you can. The IDE runs in Java so it will run on Windoze or Linux.

It's just that like most things, it runs a lot better in Linux. :sunglasses:

Basically , any OS works?

As mentioned, Windoze and Linux. Also Mac OS X 10.10+ as you would expect. What other OS did you have in mind?

CP/M :smiley:

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I spent a year or two re-writing FLEX-6809, not entirely dissimilar to CP/M. Sadly, it is all on old floppies and I can't quite demonstrate the evidence to prove it!

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