Can I use arduino to communicate with Lego RCX?

I havev 9 the oldest MindStorms RCXs with brickOS and I want to full use them, but RCX only have 3 input ports and 3 output ports, so if arduino can receive or send IR LNP from or to RCX, that RCX will be great.

The LNP is Lego Network Protocol, you can refer it here :: cs148 \ brickOS \ HOWTO \ LNP ::

My ideas:
RCX as control center and arduino to control motors and connected to sensors, they communicate by IR.
The arduino will send IR signal to RCX when sensor acts and motor will move when received IR signal from RCX.

Is this a possible idea? ..and arduino as I2C slave

knut_ny: ..and arduino as I2C slave

But that's for NXT, not RCX